• Maxnote
  • Passkeeper
  • Snap shot
  • Resouce sniffer
  • Split sceen
Collect knowledge from any webpage
You can take notes and synchronize them on different platform devices at any time with Maxnote. You can collect any information you want such as web addresses, pictures, and text into Maxnote while browsing the web. Maxnote has a powerful ordering feature and can created unlimited folders. Let you easily create your personal knowledge library.
Autofill login details and payment info
Passkeeper helps you save username and passwords for different sites. This allows the browser to fill in the login details automatically when you visit the site again. Your credit card payment information will be saved securely as well with your permission
Quick send
Send files between devices
Quick send enables you to send files, pictures, videos, and links between devices that have logged in to your Maxthon account. Drag files and drop them into the Quick Send UI to send them. You can find the Quick Send in the sidebar of the desktop Maxthon. It's available on Windows, iPhone, and Android.
Browser features compare
Tracks your behaviour
Notes manager
Mouse gestures
Custom UI
Tab grouping
Tab sleeping
Split screen
Resource sniffer
Blockchain wallet
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